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Are you interested in hostesses, models, interpreters?

On this page we would like to give you some simple suggestions how to ask for a quote which may help us under stand quickly how we can help you in our best way considering your requirements and desires as well as your tastes and needs.


Contact us by phone 0039 054128153


or click on "ASK FOR A QUOTE" to send us an e-mail with your require




It is important for us to know:

  • The city in which the fair or the event s going to take place
  • The duration of the event with the indication of the days and working hours
  • The name of the fair, congress or event
  • The number of the employees you need
  • Eventual linguistic competence needed to fulfill the service
  • Brief description of the activity


It will be our duty to call you back both to get to know you better and to thank you for contacting us and because a phone conversation will help us to understand your requirements better and it will allow us to satisfy your needs  as soon as possible.

Thank you,