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Subscribe to our agency, and work with us.




and work with us



If you want to subscribe to our agency, click on the link above, and insert all the necessary information:


- last name

- e-mail

- password

you will receive an e-mail with your login informations.


Remember to insert your 

  • Physical data skirt/pants size, t-shirt size, footwear size for possible personalized uniform) or for the fairs of cloche and/or shoes, or for catwalks/fittings. 


  • your languages, and theri knowledge: A) good knowledge -  if you are able to receive the foreign visitors living them the first contact information B) excellent knowledge if you are able to describe the products in a foreign language of course after having been prepared with the materials of the company or indicating C)MOTHERTONGUE if you assist with interpretation during commercial negotiations.


  • remarks: please indicate if you possess any particular skill or ability. Some examples which may be requested for the work are: can you ride with roller-blade?  Do you have any experience as a waitress or a bar tender?  Do you have any experience as a model for catwalks? Do you have any experience a san animator? presenter? dancer? ... write it!


Necessary attachments:

  • Attach your CV, with all your experience of education and work,
  • Attach your photos, following the instructions:
  • Please attach: photos of you on foreground, recent ones, with your current hairdress and hair color, where you look smiley and neat.


Thank you very much