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How do we work?


We always send updated photographic castings to give you the freedom of choice

  • photographic castings with the possibility to view a presentation book and a CV of our candidates;


  • casting by video conference in this way you can choose the girls not just by pictures but after an interview via webcam so that you could talk and evaluate professional and personal skills of the candidates within several minutes;



Availability around the clock

  • Assistance on the phone and availability 24h during the service days in order to give you the guarantee of the solution of any working situation in a proper and accurate way in case it occurs during the event;


Complete service delivery and customer care

  • Insurance coverage of all our services in order to give the best guarantee to our customers;
  • Girls and boys with the residence in each city of interest will never ask for any extra refunds for boarding or lodging from our customers;
  • Presentation briefing – for free – on the day of the event, 30 minutes before the beginning of the fair the day before the beginning of the service.
  • Uniform included into the service, black jacket, black skirt, white shirt, black shoes with heels – or personalized apparel to coordinate with the customer on the basis of specific requirements;  
  • Dues and fees of regular coverage


If you like our style and our way of work  ASK FOR A QUOTE    and we will provide you with all the details and help you with pleasure